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Super X Token
SUPER X TOKEN PLATFORM is a convenient carbon credit trading medium using Blockchain technology.
SUPER X TOKEN PLATFORM SUPERX was created as a tool for exchanging carbon credits. By referring to the exchange rate announced on the website
SUPERX is a digital token used to exchange Carbon Credits and/or I-REC on SUPER X TOKEN PLATFORM.
Promote and encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to occur clearly. It acts as an intermediary and assists in procuring and collecting for those who wish to use a valid and verifiable certified Carbon Credit and/or I-REC. To be used in carbon offset activities, thereby driving further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the future.
Carbon credit is the amount of greenhouse gases that can be reduced/stored from the implementation of greenhouse gas reduction projects through various greenhouse gas reduction mechanisms. both at home and abroad Its unit is tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. And carbon credits can be exchanged or bought-sold for useful purposes.
Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from activities such as fossil fuel electricity use, travel, tourism. various agricultural operations, etc.
Carbon offset activities are activities to offset greenhouse gas emissions. or the purchase of carbon credits to offset the total amount released from activities
A closed platform on the Blockchain (Blockchain) which the system is highly secure.
It takes 1-2 weeks after the exchange (Redeemtion) If there is a problem, you can contact Line OA  :
Based on daily exchange rate announced on Super X Token Platform
Able to log in to the system and check the exchange status.
Payment can be made via Credit/Debit Cards and Online Transactions
Can sign in > user information > edit information
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