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We use the latest technology for transparency and security

Rest assured that you can safely exchange Carbon Credit Certificates.

Our system is a closed system and has standard security
It is transparent and can be verified after trading.
The system is constantly evolving to make it easier to use.

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What We're All About

The increase in global greenhouse gas emissions due to economic development since the Industrial Revolution and currently tends to increase steadily The world is facing the climate change crisis that affects every sector. We are aware of these problems. We therefore developed SUPER X TOKEN PLATFORM to collect carbon credits and/or I-RECs from clean energy producers from around the world in a platform. To allow people who want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to trade in carbon credits. and renewable energy production rights certificate through a standardized, safe and transparent system with the aim of pushing forward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and solving global warming problems And change our world for the better (Change the World) Join with us to change the world for the better with SUPER X TOKEN PLATFORM.


is Life

Be a part of protecting nature with us.

-Super X Token-

Pimprueda Pitakteerathum

Executive Chairman, Super X Token Company Limited, Chairman of the Board/Chairman of Executive Board, A2 Technology Company Limited/ APCS Technology Company Limited, a subsidiary of Asia Precision Public Company Limited

businessman and executive Experienced in land development and real estate business for more than 10 years, currently operates and manages the construction business, especially the construction of high-voltage power stations and the construction of renewable energy power plants. Both types of solar, wind and waste can be seen from the success in expanding the construction business of solar power plants. and wind power both in Thailand and Vietnam in the past four years.

Who We Are

We, SX, are committed to being a leader in promoting environmental conservation and playing a key role in driving society towards becoming Carbon neutral society

Our Team

Methira Lochaya

Executive Vice President

Chaphamon Chantaphongphan


Khemachat Thangsupanich

Head of Operation and Marketing

Sunee Muangcharoen

Head of Carbon and Environmental Product

Thanapach Suwannasophon

Business Support Officer

Paworawan Rawangpai

Business Support Officer

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